Outsourcing Manufactured Products

While there are many ways to find a suitable supplier, factory or product in China, having your own contact office in China guarantees a smooth business transaction.

If you are searching for a reliable company to assist you with outsourcing manufactured products from China, then you have come to the right place.

Please download the PDF titled OMP and send us the required information for a quote of an item you are interested in. We are totally committed to working for you the buyer by finding the best products and coming up with the most cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. We are here to protect your rights. We do not work for factories; we work for you and look after your requirements and your business, wherever that may be in China. We provide all information free of charge; we only generate revenue when you finally start your business in China and give us a specific job to do. We do not charge for the supply of information such as the contact information of potential suppliers.

Contract Manufacturing

China is known as the factory of the world, and DNE has excellent connections with several factories and suppliers, with local authorities and government departments to get a product designed, manufactured and exported to your desired locations. We have overseen the manufacture of several items for markets in India, Canada, Africa and the US.

OEM and Branding – we have successfully worked with various suppliers and buyers to supply their own brand of products. From manufacturing to packaging, we are well-known for assisting middle-sized buyers of genuine items. Please contact us if you feel able to import the minimum of a container load.

DNE together with its business partners always encourages innovation in product design. If you can explain the concept of your product, we can design, manufacture, test and send it to you.

Please download the PDF titled “Contract Manufacturing” and contact us with the required information.

Inspection Services

Are you looking for importing goods from China?

It’s not really easy and there is no certain way 100% to stop a fraudulent company especially if you are not in China, but you can reduce your risks to acceptable levels if you buy an independent third party inspection / supplier verification services / business and factory audit services before you are importing from China.

DNE’s Pre-shipment inspection or DNE Inspection is an excellent security tool, which provides reliable access to the importer companies to verify whether the supplier located in China is as good as it has presented. We verify the information supplied to importer using various tools including company’s details through government agencies.

Dave Network Enterprises provides excellent tailored services for importers. We perform loading Inspections at supplier factories or warehouses throughout China. DNE’s loading inspection includes quantity and quality of goods, the packaging and condition of goods. DNE’s Loading Inspection is an effective solution to missing goods, damaged goods.

Please download our DNE Inspection service word and supply us the information accordingly for the verification service. We have been providing our Supplier verification service, loading inspection service, factory or business audit services for over five years, it is very likely that after receiving your information we can offer you free information.

Business and Factory Audit

Are you planning on manufacturing something in China? Are you looking for a stable reliable supply source for your finished, semi- finished products from China?

Dave Network Enterprises provides excellent tailored services for importers

We perform effective supplier audit / business audit / factory audit throughout China. DNE’s supplier Audit includes Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma etc., an essential and well-established tool for identifying, eliminating and preventing quality problems in a supplier’s products, processes or management system to ensure that a supplier can meet the needs of our clients.

Performing a supplier Quality Audit on site before starting any sort of business relationship, especially in a country like China. saves your time and money and gives you better control and understanding over your suppliers / factories.

DNE suggests, critical suppliers should be audited on an annual basis, while suppliers with poor performance are required to be audited more frequently. Whether they’re routine or for a particular import deal, supplier audits provides manufacturers greater visibility into whether a supplier’s products, processes, credibility or management system adhere to required standard.

Please download Audit file and supply us the information accordingly.